How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.
– Thoreau

In The Oshkosh Northwestern

December III: Making forgiveness a theme of the new year
December II:
Returning to the foreign streets of home
December I:
Haircuts, gifts part of Palestine learning experience
November II:
Exchange student has conflicted view of US
November I:
Finding safe haven for animals in the holy land
Tension between Palestine, Israel evident in visit
September II:
Learning and teaching continues in Palestine
Life in West Bank nothing like the West
August II:
Universal health coverage does not equate socialism
 Immigration debate through German eyes
July: Rethinking our role in the war on terror
June: Visiting a place where the English is hard to understand
A voting milestone for women in Afghanistan
April II:
Putin’s moves raise questions for Germany
Merkel’s diplomacy still favored at home
March III: Germany wrestles with troubled history
March II: 
War memories shape Merkel’s response to Russia
Germany’s economic tide lifts many boats
Different outcomes for youth unemployment
January III: 
German academia more hierarchical than America
January II: On education in Germany
January: ‘Rutsch’ into 2014: Sliding into another new year
December: The NSA and You: Who is watching who?
November: Seeing the USA through German students’ eyes


Indonesia as an Example of 21st Century Economic Statecraft” for the Center on Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School

Rudy’s Story

As Himself
Du Bist Doch Da
Over the River
Wie Glas
His Herzchen
When Rudy Sings
This I Believe
Nachts fliege ich
Picking up Sticks with Paul’s Son
Writing Rudy’s Story
Brot und Butter
Bitte schön, mein US Girl

Thank you very matches

Other Narratives

Greg & Linda Hamby: The Cypress Moon and the Beaches of the Outer Banks
Neil and Rudy:
 Love Like That
Frau Behnke: Gifts from Frau Behnke
Frau Behnke II: Breakfast with Frau Behnke
Ron and Suzi: A Love Like That II
Rich: “I have a place to go.”
Jim: Tuesday Mornings on Waldwic
Tom: A Horse Whisperer Named Tom
Margaret: Her Middle Name
The Lonely Man: The Lonely Man and His Books

From Rotaract Oshkosh

February 2014: Dear Jerry
September 2013: PS. Thank You
June 2013: Pantry Matters
April 2013: Lionhearted Kids Run