written selections

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.
– Thoreau

In The Oshkosh Northwestern

October I: Tension between Palestine, Israel evident in visit
September II:
Learning and teaching continues in Palestine
Life in West Bank nothing like the West
August II:
Universal health coverage does not equate socialism
 Immigration debate through German eyes
July: Rethinking our role in the war on terror
June: Visiting a place where the English is hard to understand
A voting milestone for women in Afghanistan
April II:
Putin’s moves raise questions for Germany
Merkel’s diplomacy still favored at home
March III: Germany wrestles with troubled history
March II: 
War memories shape Merkel’s response to Russia
Germany’s economic tide lifts many boats
Different outcomes for youth unemployment
January III: 
German academia more hierarchical than America
January II: On education in Germany
January: ‘Rutsch’ into 2014: Sliding into another new year
December: The NSA and You: Who is watching who?
November: Seeing the USA through German students’ eyes

Rudy’s Story

As Himself
Du Bist Doch Da
Over the River
Wie Glas
His Herzchen
When Rudy Sings
This I Believe
Nachts fliege ich
Picking up Sticks with Paul’s Son
Writing Rudy’s Story
Brot und Butter
Bitte schön, mein US Girl

Thank you very matches

Other Narratives

Greg & Linda Hamby: The Cypress Moon and the Beaches of the Outer Banks
Neil and Rudy:
 Love Like That
Frau Behnke: Gifts from Frau Behnke
Frau Behnke II: Breakfast with Frau Behnke
Ron and Suzi: A Love Like That II
Rich: “I have a place to go.”
Jim: Tuesday Mornings on Waldwic
Tom: A Horse Whisperer Named Tom
Margaret: Her Middle Name
The Lonely Man: The Lonely Man and His Books

From Rotaract Oshkosh

February 2014: Dear Jerry
September 2013: PS. Thank You
June 2013: Pantry Matters
April 2013: Lionhearted Kids Run

With Rebelle Society

April 2014: Books
November 2013:
 Exquisite Creature
June 2013: A Memo from Your Resident Millennial


Indonesia as an Example of 21st Century Economic Statecraft” for the Center on Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School